ClockRoom is an exit game in Prague full of adventure, fun, excitement and cooperation.


You are locked up in a room full of riddles and you have to find your way out.

Look for tasks and logical puzzles that lead you to freedom, and try to solve them!

You have 60 minutes to get out! The time is ticking. Think and cooperate!

Are you ready to escape? Can you make it? Get out in time and celebrate it in style!

EXIT GAME – Live escape!

ClockRoom is a live and original exit game that is all about adventure, fun, excitement and cooperation. A team of 2-5 players is locked up in one of our two mysterious and thematic rooms and has to get out within 60 minutes.
The rooms are full of ordinary as well as extraordinary objects. During the game, you find many locked artifacts, you need to solve several tasks, decode ciphers, look for keys or detect secret codes. Each object can lead you to an important information or astray.
ClockRoom actively connects riddles and brain-teasers with teambuilding elements.
Forget the world around you and find your way out…

ClockRoom is a great experience for anyone.

Family & Friends

Enjoy an original way of entertainment and get new experience. Why not to escape rather than go to cinema?


Do you need to unite your team and boost up your cooperation? An original benefit for your employees? Or a great work party idea?

Students & Schools

Give your brain a hard time outside the school benches! A playful school in practice… Come and bring your classmates with you.

Gamers & Geeks

Do you like to solve riddles or play online games? We offer you this unique chance to become part of your game live!

Where do you find us?

Na Smetance 4, Prague 2, Czech Republic
  • You can find us only 5 minute walking distance from the metro station Muzeum and from the horse statue at the Wenceslas Square.
  • Or, use a tram, get off on Italská stop and be with us within 3 minutes.
  • If you take the green metro, get off at Náměstí Míru station and take a short 10-minute walk.